Aves International Academy VLE

Distance Is Not An Obstacle in Learning

Our innovative and dedicated Distance Leanring Platform is built with a multilevel approach to cater to all our students from Preschool to Primary the various Secondary. The objective is not to handle a temporary solution but a long term project to educate beyond the physical walls and support every student during the learning process with the best of tools and dedicated teachers. We are entering fully the digital era.

Limitless learning, more possibilities

A new concept in distance learning education, keeping in  touch with the school and the class mates, recreating a distant but connected environment by multimedia and interconnected platform. Extra curricula and courses presented for the various interests.

Live the experience

Learn at home

Through our platform students can conformably and safely learn at home guided and trained by our highly qualified teachers, Aves DLE a new experience in distance learning education,

Community of opportunities

Center administrator says the goal is to offer the fellowship annually. The fellowship is open to all graduate students who have an unpaid internship or field research in subject areas that align with the center’s mission.

Official certificate

The goal of the two-day forum was to bring together humanities scholars, medical professionals, municipal officers, and artists whose work centers on addiction to create bridges and identify common understandings and solutions.
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